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Call Us Today!
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    Q. Why should I rent a roll-off waste container?
    A. There are many benefits to having a container on your jobsite:

    • Easy access to load waste materials
    • A cleaner jobsite that will makes a better impression upon visitors.
    • A safer jobsite

    Q: How can containers be used?
    A: Containers can be used for:

    • Construction Debris
    • Tree Trash
    • Lot Clearing
    • Demolition
    • Remodeling
    • Fire and Water Damage
    • Abatement
    • Storm Cleanup
    • Wood Chips
    • To Meet Codes in Some Locations
    • Home Improvement Waste
    • And For Any Other Reason You May Need Something Hauled Away or to Another Location

    Q. Are these containers available for rent, purchase, or both?
    A. Our containers are only available for rent.

    Q. How long can I keep the container?
    A. You are allowed to keep the container for as long as you need it for your project. If the container is not dumped within 30 days, we will apply a modest inactivity fee.

    Q. What materials can be placed in the container?
    A. Most any materials can be placed in the waste containers except for hazardous materials including paint (dry cans acceptable), household food garbage, medical waste, refrigerants, tires, flammable materials or chemicals and batteries.

    Q. What size container do I need?
    A. Container sizes are based on cubic yards. Give us a call at 770-854-7906 and we will help you determine the right container for your project.

    Q. What do you do with the waste?
    A. When it is full we come to pick it up and dispose or recycle the contents properly. Georgia Container is an advocate of protecting the environment and keeping our community clean. We only dump at licensed landfills that are designated for the type of waste being hauled.


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